Eagle Skull Mask

Once I finished the sculpture for my griffon mask, I figured it'd be fun to convert it into a raptor skull rather than dismantling it right away. This hook-beaked bird of prey was designed to resemble an eagle or hawk skull, but could also be used to represent a vulture or an owl. In addition to being worn as a mask, you could also use it as a headdress or pauldron (shoulder armor).

Painted griffon and eagle skull masks

We sometimes have painted masks, like this pair - which also shows a lovely comparison between the shape of the griffon mask versus the eagle skull. Both are always available as blanks you can paint however you like!

Eagle Skull Mask Blank
$61.00 via Etsy
Griffon Mask Blank
$65.00 via Etsy

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Live Date: 7/14/2017 | Last Modified: 7/14/2017