Half-Skeleton Costume

As with the sphinx costume, I had to make another one I could wear comfortably at work all day. I had a hard time deciding, since I didn't have a lot of time to work on it, but still wanted to do something unique.

I hadn't really done a "traditional" Halloween costume before, and a skeleton seemed appealing. However, to make it a little more memorable, I decided to do it halfway - literally.

I carefully bleached half of a shirt and pants, leaving the other half intact. The bleached half got nicely ripped and torn. Beneath, I wore a black bodysuit, with several handcrafted rubber latex bones attached to it. The bony hand and foot were purchases I'd made a few years beforehand, for just such an occasion. I also made custom prosthetics for my cheek and brow. Everything else was just makeup and white hairspray.

All in all, seeing peoples' reactions (especially if I only let them see my left-hand side first) was priceless!

Half-Skeleton Costume with Ghost

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Live Date: 10/31/2009 | Last Modified: 10/31/2009