Mass Effect: Turian Masks

Update: The turian masks were discontinued at the end of 2017.

I'm making some turians! These are a little different from how Garrus was done; the face plates and mandibles are cast resin pieces rather than latex, but the overall principle is similar.

Painted Garrus resin mask example
Example painted Garrus mask with glass eyes

These masks are being made to as closely resemble the in-game aliens from Mass Effect as possible. The face is set a few inches in front of the wearer's face (less so for the females), which better matches a turian's profile. The wearer sees through several areas - the space around the eyes, through the nose and mouth, and through a few cutout sections in other parts of the mask. The turian eyes are made of glass and give a wonderfully realistic look!


Work-in-progress photos

Female turian faceplate sculpture Female turian faceplate sculpture Female turian faceplate sculpture

Female mask sculpting

Female turian faceplate mold interior Male turian faceplate mold interior

Female and male mask molds (see also: Female Turian Mask in Progress)

Male and female turian faceplate comparison Male and female turian faceplate comparison

Comparison between male and female mask faceplates

Female turian lower jaw sculpture Female turian lower jaw sculpture Female turian mask with lower jaw

Sculpting the lower jaw for the female mask

Male turian lower jaw and crest sculpture Male turian lower jaw and crest sculpture

And the lower jaw and crest for the male mask

Female turian mandible sculpture Male turian mandible sculpture Male turian mandible mold

Female and male mandibles

Female turian mask with eye plates, and other faceplates in the background


Turian teeth Turian jaw sets Silly picture of me holding cast resin turian jaw set to my mouth Male turian resin mask with teeth installed

Teeth and jaw sets

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