Measuring Tools

Measure twice, cut once. -An English proverb

You will never regret having a good variety of measuring tools handy. Here are the ones I use regularly.

  1. Metal ruler - Having a metal ruler is useful when you need to use a knife, or even a heated tool like a foam cutter, alongside it. It takes a lot of effort to nick the edge of a ruler like this! I also find it helpful to have a ruler that measures in both imperial (inches) and metric (centimeters and millimeters). Sometimes the precision of measuring in millimeters is invaluable!
  2. Flexible ruler - A thin, bendable plastic or rubber ruler has the advantage that it can go around curved surfaces. I received the one in the photo as a giveaway, but you can get similar ones from the link provided.
  3. T-square - This is a lovely technical drawing device I picked up in college. It's a metal ruler with a t-shaped lip at one end. As long as you line up a paper with the edge of a table, you can use this to draw perfect vertical lines and to measure out horizontal lines at precise 90° angles as well.
  4. Compass - A compass is the perfect tool when you find yourself in need of a drawing a circle. They are inexpensive, but make drawing a precise circle very easy. The link provided is for an inexpensive compass/protractor set.
  5. Protractor - These are used to measure angles, which comes in very handy now and then! The link provided is for an inexpensive compass/protractor set.
  6. Soft measuring tape - This is a flexible seamstress' measuring tape, very useful for measuring around objects (or body parts, for costuming). They can be purchased from craft and fabric stores.
  7. Retractable tape measure - These tape measures are usually made of metal, curved in such a way that they stay fairly flat once extended. They come in different lengths, anywhere from tiny 3' ones for keychains on up to over 100'.

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Created: 4/14/2013 | Modified: 4/14/2013