Raven Skull Mask

After I crafted my Wolf Skull Mask, I had a number of other requests for skulls, and a raven was asked about the most! Seeing as I love ravens (and corvids in general), I was definitely willing to make that my next project.

Raven skull mask sculpture in progress Raven skull mask sculpture in progress Raven skull mask sculpture in progress

Here's the sculpture, done in oil-based clay (Monster Clay). Bird skulls tend to be fairly simple on the exterior, with large openings for the eyes and nostrils, and many delicate bone structures underneath. I tried to capture as much detail as I could when making the sculpt, and added in several areas where the mask is simply open, making it both delicate looking (it's quite sturdy) and very well ventilated too!

Raven skull mask molding Raven skull mask molding

I made my mold as per usual, with layers of brushed on silicone rubber (Rebound 25) and a mold jacket made from lightweight epoxy putty (FreeForm Air) - but when I went to cast it the first time, I realized I had made some mistakes that caused it to be a very difficult mold to work with.

Comparing the original and new raven skull mask molds

Luckily, the molding process means that the original sculpture is left almost completely intact, and I was able to fix it up and make some adjustments so I could make a second, far better mold! You can see both molds side-by-side above. The one on the right is the original.

I thought I could get away with leaving the beak area open, but if you're familiar with rotocasting, you've probably already realized what happened. It became practically a pour-spout and let material spill right out the end of the mold. In addition, I didn't make the rim around the edge of the mask nearly deep enough. I thought about trying to make adjustments to the original mold, but it was just simpler in the end to make a new one.

Raven skull mask blank

Raven skull mask blank

Here are a couple more views of how the final resin-cast mask, done in SmoothCast 65D, came out!

Raven Skull Mask Blank
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