Canine Claws, Large (1.5″)

These canine claws are cast in solid resin and are quite large. They are made to resemble the claws of animals such as dogs, coyotes, wolves, and other species such as raccoons. These claws are intended to be used with costume feet. These are LARGE claws, not really suitable for gloves in most cases.


This product ships within 14 business days.

This product ships within 14 business days.


Without the base, the claws measure just over 1.25″ long, 3/4″ wide, and 3/4″ high. The base portion is a lip at the bottom of the claw and measures 3/16″ thick, 1″ tall, and 1″ wide. You have the option to get them with or without the base. I also have a set of small canine claws available.

While these claws are intended for use on costume feet, they can also be used as horns, thick pointy teeth, or spiky decorations on fantasy weapons or armor.

These pieces are cast in impact-resistant, white-colored resin, a type of casting plastic. Once de-molded, I remove any flashing from the molding process and sand the edges smooth.

I sculpted the original claws from oil-based clay based on my own design, and then made a silicone mold of the sculpture. Each piece is cast by me by hand and checked for quality.

Blank Mask/Prop FAQ

Do your mask and prop blanks come with instructions? What kinds of paints/glues work best with them?

I send a guide along with each purchase with tips on how to paint your mask or prop, what kinds of glues to use, and more. The two general guides can be viewed below, but some masks kits also have a more specific guide of their own.

Do you do costume commissions or custom masks?

I'm sorry, but my schedule doesn't allow time for me to take commissions or custom projects, including custom paint jobs. I am happy to take suggestions, but I cannot guarantee what you're looking for is something I will end up making.

I recommend checking out the Cosplay Commissions group on Facebook - You can request quotes on costume pieces you're looking to have made, and it's a very active group. It's a closed group, but if you hit the Join button one of the admins will let you in.

Will you attach a strap to a mask blank for me?

It's best to paint your mask prior to attaching the strap, so I don't offer them with the straps already installed. The strap just gets in the way during the painting process, especially priming.

Can you make lower jaws for your skull masks?

Masks with attached lower jaws or moving jaws must be made to accommodate them from the start, such as my lizardman masks. My skull masks and other half-face masks are meant to be worn as masquerade-style masks and are not set up for having a moving or attached lower jaw.

Can I attach horns (or other items) to my skin with spirit gum?

My cast resin horns, fangs, and other such items are meant as embellishments for props or masks, and weren't made with the intention to be attached directly to skin as a prosthetic. It may be possible to apply some of the lighter pieces to the skin with spirit gum, but I have not tried this and can't guarantee the results.


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