Almost There - Now With Flame

Sarrah Wilkinson - 5/20/2022

With all of the pieces for my low poly dungeon complete, I've been working on a demo scene that includes all of them, to show off what this set can really do. Here's a sneak peek, a foreboding dark chapel. Complete with fire!

I'm quite happy with the custom flame particle effects I created for this pack. They're cartoony enough to look at home in a low poly environment, but still look quite bright and, well, flame-like.

Several low poly 3d models of torches, sconces, and candles, with animated flame effects.

Here's what they look like in action. It's not a seamless loop in this image, as each particle effect is randomized so there's no easy way to do that, and I wanted to keep the size of the animated gif down. They loop seamlessly in Unity, of course!

There's a larger flame type for torches, sconces, and braziers, and a smaller one for candles. Note that even if the candle or torch has been knocked over, the flame continues to burn in the correct direction. I was particularly proud of that.

Several low poly 3d models of doors, a chest, a crate, a bear trap, a lever, and a spike trap, displaying their animations.

Another new addition is prop animations. Several props have some kind of activatable component, built using Unity's animation system. It's details like these that really help your world come alive. Of course, if you're proficient in Unity, you can easily go in and tweak the animations, add animation timeline events, or even scrap them and make your own. These are just provided to get you started.

That's it for now. I hope you enjoyed this look at what I've been up to with the low poly dungeon pack. I'll be submitting my request to become a Unity Asset Store seller soon - wish me luck!

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Live Date: 5/20/2022 | Last Modified: 5/20/2022