Low Poly Dungeon - All Models Complete!

Sarrah Wilkinson - 4/20/2022

And that is officially all of the pieces for my low poly dungeon set done! Unless I find any additional pieces needed, the final count sits at 230 individual models, ranging from just a few polys to just under 800, with the average poly count coming in at 175. Not too shabby.

The set has all of the wall, floor, and ceiling pieces I showed before: pillars, jail cells, stairways, doors, and other building pieces, as well as a ton of new decorations.

A close up of several of the 3d game asset models, including chests, crates, books, candles, food, furniture, and several other items.

The first showcase of decor includes furniture, chests, crates, pots (you can just see them to the very left, but I also showed them off a couple blogs ago), weapons, bags, books, bottles, food, torches and other light sources, and a bit of treasure. I also made a version of the smaller potion bottles that appear to be glowing, that could be used as health and mana potions, or whatever you wish.

A close up of several of the 3d game asset models, including coffins, magical symbols, dirt piles, torture devices, and more.

Here, you can see some skeletons and coffins, torture devices, magical objects and effects, rubble, and a few other things that you'll be able to see better in the next image. One thing to note here is that the magical symbols are not models, but flat images displayed in Unity using a Sprite Renderer. The set includes a sprite sheet containing sixteen hand-drawn images used as decals (like the magic symbols) or as particle effects - more on the latter soon!

A close up of several of the 3d game asset models, including coffins, statues, traps, switches, rope, blood splatters, spiderwebs, and more.

And lastly, what's a dungeon without some traps? The set includes a few different types of traps, trap triggers, switches - and, of course, blood splatter decals as evidence of the poor souls who came before you that weren't so lucky! This shot also gives a better look at those coffin pieces, as well as some ropes and chains, statuary, and miscellaneous clutter.

The spider webs, blood splats, and hanging moss are additional examples of sprites you can add to decorate your scene. Using the special features of a Sprite Renderer in Unity, they can also be recolored or made translucent - so those splats could be water or slime instead of blood, and the magic symbols from the last picture could be any color you want.

Despite having all of these pieces done, the actual pack is still a little ways off being ready to debut. What's next? Well, I want to include some animations for pieces, like doors and chests opening, and traps being sprung. Torches and candles need particle effects and lighting, and I plan to put together a nice demo scene featuring all of the pieces working together. Finally, I need to make a version with the materials updated for use in Unity's Universal Render Pipeline (URP). All this will still take a little while, but I'm getting there.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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Live Date: 4/20/2022 | Last Modified: 4/20/2022