Setting Up the Low Poly Parts in Unity

Sarrah Wilkinson - 4/8/2022

Just a quick update today! I'm up to just over 100 pieces in my low poly modular dungeon asset project, so I've started getting the pieces set up inside of the Unity game engine. This is a relatively simple - if time consuming! - process, as each piece must be exported from Blender as an FBX file with the correct settings, imported to Unity, checked for errors and correct orientation, get the material set up, and finally, make a reusable prefab that can be repeated throughout a scene.

Here, you can see the set of walls, floors, ceilings, doors, stairs, and other various structural building parts, all set up in Unity and ready to go. Getting there!

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Tags: 3d modeling, blender, ceiling, door, doorway, dungeon, floor, game, game assets, game dev, game development, indie, low poly, modular, stairs, Unity, wall
Live Date: 4/8/2022 | Last Modified: 4/8/2022