Bone Mini Skull Paperweight


This realistic miniature skull is cast resin and makes a great creepy Halloween decoration or fun, spooky decor year round if you so desire! It also makes a great little paperweight. It's about 1/5th scale compared to a real human skull, measuring 2″ front to back, 1.75″ tall, and about 1.5″ wide. The bottom is flat and has a piece of felt attached to keep it from scratching whatever surface it's placed on.

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This piece started out as an original that I handmade in oil-based clay. I use silicone rubber to make a mold, capturing every detail from my original sculpt. The mold is poured as a solid piece with urethane resin, and then cleaned up, hand-painted with acrylics, and finished with a sealant spray.

Because every piece is painted and finished by hand, there may be slight variations from the piece seen in the photographs.

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