Forest Child 5″x7″ Unicorn Print


There are few places safer for a unicorn foal than a small, sheltered clearing in the forest home of his brethren. Settled in the soft grass, this young creature will one day grow into a proud adult unicorn, a graceful and elusive protector of the wilds.

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This is a print version of an original 5" x 7" acrylic painting I did. I rarely work with acrylics, but enjoy it when I get a chance to! The print is made from a high quality scan of the original painting, and shows the color and texture of the original nicely.

This 5" by 7" print is done on 60 lb. paper with a semi-glossy finish. It will be shipped flat, and comes in a plastic sleeve for protection from water and dust. I am happy to sign or personalize prints upon request!


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