Raven Skull Mask Blank


NEW MASK VERSION! Please read the information about my new mask versions in the description below.

Ravens are one of my favorite birds, so when I set out to craft this raven skull mask, I wanted to be as true as possible to the details of their anatomy while creating a mask that would be comfortable for a person to wear. It is cast in durable resin and works equally well as a face mask or headdress.

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IMPORTANT – NEW MASK VERSION! This is an updated style of mask as of 2/12/2019. I’m transitioning to a new style of mold and new material for casting my resin masks, which means any of them that have this “new version” notification will be slightly different from my other masks. The material is still impact resistant, but is also more heat resistant than the previous material I’ve been using. The new version masks are thicker in places, especially around the edges. This also means they are slightly heavier, but not much! For example, the old version raven skull mask weighs about 6oz, and the new version weighs 8oz. It can still be worn with our standard strap kit and remains lightweight and comfortable!

The mask comes with the eye and nose holes cut out, as well as open areas between some of the bone details. You can choose to leave them open or cover them with black mesh fabric for a creepy, empty look. I have Black Mesh Fabric available that works great for this purpose; I recommend a 4″ x 8″ piece to fit all of the openings cut in this mask.

This mask has a nice roomy, wide profile to fit as wide a variety of faces as possible. Please see the photos below showing the measurements of the mask to make sure it’ll be a good fit for you.

All of my resin masks start out as an original sculpture created in oil-based clay. I make a mold of the original using silicone rubber, and then cast it in impact-resistant resin. This stuff is quite tough, though I obviously don't recommend treating your mask roughly.

These mask blanks come just as you see them in the photos - a raw, blank piece cast in white resin. This is a do-it-yourself piece, meaning it's up to you to finish, paint, and assemble it however you'd like. You'll need to provide an elastic strap or other means to hold the mask on, and some felt or foam padding so you can wear it comfortably. The mask comes with a guide providing helpful hints and tips on how to set up your mask to be worn and how to paint it. I'm also available to answer questions, so please don't hesitate to send me a message.

IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE: While my masks are made from impact-resistant materials to keep them from shattering, they are NOT rated to protect the wearer during sports, motorcycle riding, or other dangerous activities. They will not take the place of an appropriate helmet. Stay safe out there!

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Blank Mask/Prop FAQ

Do your mask and prop blanks come with instructions? What kinds of paints/glues work best with them?

I send a guide along with each purchase with tips on how to paint your mask or prop, what kinds of glues to use, and more. The two general guides can be viewed below, but some masks kits also have a more specific guide of their own.

Do you do costume commissions or custom masks?

I'm sorry, but my schedule doesn't allow time for me to take commissions or custom projects, including custom paint jobs. I am happy to take suggestions, but I cannot guarantee what you're looking for is something I will end up making.

I recommend checking out the Cosplay Commissions group on Facebook - You can request quotes on costume pieces you're looking to have made, and it's a very active group. It's a closed group, but if you hit the Join button one of the admins will let you in.

Will you attach a strap to a mask blank for me?

It's best to paint your mask prior to attaching the strap, so I don't offer them with the straps already installed. The strap just gets in the way during the painting process, especially priming.

Can you make lower jaws for your skull masks?

Masks with attached lower jaws or moving jaws must be made to accommodate them from the start, such as my lizardman masks. My skull masks and other half-face masks are meant to be worn as masquerade-style masks and are not set up for having a moving or attached lower jaw.

Can I attach horns (or other items) to my skin with spirit gum?

My cast resin horns, fangs, and other such items are meant as embellishments for props or masks, and weren't made with the intention to be attached directly to skin as a prosthetic. It may be possible to apply some of the lighter pieces to the skin with spirit gum, but I have not tried this and can't guarantee the results.

Do you still sell turian masks?

No, sorry. The turian masks were discontinued at the end of 2017.

What’s up with the lizardman masks?

Due to some problems with the mold, I have had to take down the lizardman mask indefinitely. I can’t say when or if it will be available again at this time.


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