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This is one of my illustrations, called “The Story Glass”, a bright and colorful piece showing a fantasy themed stained glass window with a dragon at its heart. It depicts the story of an elven myth and contains many other stylized objects – leaves, stars, the lunar cycle, gemstones, a hawk, vulture, horse, wolf, white stag, rabbit, and wyvern, as well as an elf in the center. Even though it is a digitally created piece of artwork, I colored it in such a way as to resemble a real stained glass window, like the beautiful rose windows seen in old cathedrals.

Print-on-demand items featuring my artwork are available via Zazzle.

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Zazzle is a print-on-demand company that allows me to put my artwork on many unique gifts I wouldn't otherwise be able to produce myself. I take care to match the artwork with items it fits well on!

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