Winter Black Dragon Bookmark


This is one of a seasonal series of vinyl bookmark designs. This one features a curious sort of dragon known as a riftwalker. Riftwalkers are strange and often deeply mistrusted by other dragons, for they hardly seem to be a natural creature at all. Their scales, teeth, claws, and horns are all black and iridescent, and they emanate a strange violet glow from within. She is truly a rather gentle creature, frustrated at the treatment afforded her by her fellow dragons. It is small wonder she prefers to be alone, quietly enjoying the gentle fall of winter snow all around her.

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The bookmark features a print of one of my original illustrations on thick, high quality paper (110lb cover). The artwork in our bookmarks measures 7" by 2", and comes in a protective vinyl sleeve, making the full bookmark just under 9" tall. Each bookmark is topped with a purple rayon tassel.

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