Wolf Skull Mask – Bone Finish


This is one of my canine skull masks, cast in high quality resin and hand painted to resemble yellowed bone, and finished with a sealant spray to protect the paint work and give it a satin sheen. This bone beast is both eerily beautiful and terrifying!

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There are foam pads in the forehead and cheek area to keep the hard material of the mask from touching your face directly. It is worn with an adjustable strap. The mask is extremely well ventilated, with the entire area in front of your nose and mouth open to allow for maximum comfort. This mask is one-size-fits-most but may not work well if you have wider-than-average features. It fits a 23″ cranium with no problem. Please see the photos with the ruler for the best idea of the sizing.

All of my resin masks start out as an original sculpture created in oil-based clay. I make a mold of the original using silicone rubber, and then cast it in impact-resistant resin. This stuff is quite tough, though I obviously don't recommend treating your mask roughly.

IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE: While my masks are made from impact-resistant materials to keep them from shattering, they are NOT rated to protect the wearer during sports, motorcycle riding, or other dangerous activities. They will not take the place of an appropriate helmet. Stay safe out there!

I also have blanks of this mask available:


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