Cat Magnets and Chihuahua Magnets

Sarrah Wilkinson - 2/5/2021

Some more painted pieces have appeared! I sculpted these little cat and Chihuahua faces several years ago to make into refrigerator magnet gifts for some of my family. While I've always got made-to-order blank cat cabochons and Chihuahua cabochons in the shop (which you can get with magnets, ornament attachments, or just plain for whatever crafts you want!), I wanted to add some painted pieces into the mix!

I'll admit, I was not one of those people who was too enamored of Chihuahuas - until I got to meet a few for a length of time! My sister-in-law and niece both have Chihuahuas and a couple of my friends favor adopting mutts that are partially Chihuahuas too.

My favorite is a tiny little teacup pup called Daisy, whom I have yet to get any really good pictures of - but she's the sweetest little thing!

That said, I love dogs when someone else is taking care of them. In our household, we've always just got big lazy cats hanging around. :)

Have a look at these new magnets I've got up, or some of the other painted resin-cast pieces I make - or take a look at the blanks and get creative with them! I'll be adding more over the next week or so.

Bronze Chihuahua Magnet (Handpainted)
(temporarily unavailable; check back soon!)
Silver Cat Magnet (Handpainted)
(temporarily unavailable; check back soon!)

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Created: 2/5/2021 | Modified: 2/5/2021