A Pair of Owls

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Blue and Silver Owl Mask Mardi Gras Owl Mask

A pair of new hand-painted owl masks are now available in the shop! Both of these are from my original sculpture, resin cast and painted by my husband, Robbie. One is a beautiful, classy blue and silver owl with white accents. The other is done in the vivid colors of Mardi Gras, metallic purple, green and gold.

New Phoenix Design and Buttons

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Phoenix Pinback Button, Magnet, or Keychain

I designed this new phoenix originally for doing a silk painting project. While that didn’t completely work out, I loved how the design turned out and decided to use it for other things. The round shape naturally made it an excellent candidate for adding to my collection of buttons!

Dragon Tessellation

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Dragon Tesselation

This is a pattern of dragons created as a tessellation. A tessellation is a pattern repeated in such a way that there’s no space left in-between. Think M.C. Escher with his fish, birds, lizards, and such…

Dragons, though? Well, I do like a challenge!

Credit goes to Tessellations.org for instructions on creating complex patterns like this!