Cat and Chihuahua Face Blanks / Magnets

These little sculptures started out as a Christmas gift magnets for the cat and dog lovers in my family, and I decided to make them available in the shop as well. While I'm not doing custom painted ones, I do have them blank and ready to paint, and will be doing some in my own painted designs.

Cat and chihuahua face sculptures

This is what the original sculptures (done in Monster Clay) looked like before I smoothed the fur texture of the clay out.

Painted cat face magnets

Painted chihuahua face magnets

Some example pieces I painted for my family's pets.

As I mentioned above, we've got these cuties available in the shop as blank, flat-back pieces that can be used as ornaments, doll faces, or whatever you'd like! They also come with an optional embedded magnet, strong enough to hold the resin piece to a refrigerator or other metal surface easily.

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Live Date: 6/9/2016 | Last Modified: 6/9/2016