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Teen and Adult Coloring Pages

Mythology Series - Arachne

In a sad tale from Greek/Roman mythology, Arachne challenged Athena to a weaving contest. When the goddess could find no faults with Arachne's work, she became enraged, destroyed the girl's weaving and attacked her. Athena changed Arachne into a spider as punishment, to weave forever more for her insults to the gods.

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Mythology Series - European Dragon

Western dragons are often depicted as fierce, animalistic, and monstrous (and surprisingly small!) in times past, though that perception has been changing greatly over the last few decades, especially! These fire-breathing creatures are true forces of nature made flesh - strong scales, leather wings, sharp claws, fangs, and horns.

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Mythology Series - Kitsune

The word 'kitsune' translates literally from Japanese as 'fox'. Foxes were seen to have supernatural abilities, able to shapeshift and command other powers. They were sometimes seen as tricksters, though more often as faithful companions. The older a kitsune grows, the more tails they have - as many as nine. I portrayed this seven-tailed fox as somewhat anthropomorphic, as they're often depicted as well.

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Mythology Series - Unicorn

Hidden deep in the forest is the mystical realm of the unicorn. A unicorn resembles a shining horse with cloven hooves and a tufted tail, as well as a single, spiraling horn rising from their forehead. These creatures of magic have fascinated people for generations, appearing in fairy tales and heraldry.

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Mythology Series - Cerberus

In Greek mythology, Cerberus is the multi-headed hound that guards the entrance to Hades, underworld and realm of the dead. Like many of the monsters of Greek lore, he's a child of Echidna and Typhon. He's most often depicted with three heads, though sometimes he has less or many, many more... as many as one hundred! He also sometimes has a snake-like tail or snake heads emerging from different places on his body.

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Mythology Series - Mermaid

Mermaids - water-dwelling creatures with the upper body of a human woman and the lower half of a fish - exist across the folklore of many different cultures, and supposed sightings persist to this day. Even the sirens of Greek myth, while more often depicted with the features of birds, are sometimes shown as merfolk. These denizens of the deep may be benign, though some legends describe them as harbingers of bad weather or ill fortune, or even actively predatory toward humans.

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Excerpts from my Shella the Dragon Coloring Book

Here are some free excerpts from my cute 28 page coloring book featuring the adventures of Shella, from when she hatches, all the way through to growing up! This one's great for older kids, or young'uns who are comfortable with slightly more complicated pictures - or adults who love dragons as much as I do!

The whole book is available as an instant download in our digital store, or you can get a printed book from Amazon!

Shella the Dragon, Page 4 - Sleepy

Download PDF | Transparent PNG

Shella the Dragon, Page 9 - Bath

Download PDF | Transparent PNG

Shella the Dragon, Page 12 - Bats

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Positivity Creatures

These are simpler line art of dragons and other creatures with messages of positivity, suitable for all ages to enjoy!

Positivity Creatures - One Day At A Time

This is my go-to message for the current events... just take things one day at a time, one foot in front of the other, just keep swimming - however you'd like to say it. This coloring page features a cute dragon in a contemplative pose.

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That's all for now. I might add more later, be sure to check back or watch my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for updates!

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