Chewbacca Goes Up

This was one of my entries for the badge art competition for Phoenix Comicon 2012. I went outside of a lot of comfort zones here, using a lot of vivid colors, stylization, and simplification to make what I feel is quite a successful design overall. I didn't win the badge art competition, but growing as an artist is never a loss!

I did this one because two of the guests at the 2012 show were Peter Mayhew (who played Chewbacca in "Star Wars"), and Ed Asner (who voiced Carl in Pixar's "Up"). By combining the two, I came up with this rather silly image. :)

Categories: Artwork, By Subject, By Type, Digital Artwork, Humorous / Whimsical, Science Fiction
Tags: badge art, balloons, Chewbacca, clouds, cute, digital, fan art, funny, Lucasfilms, Phoenix Comicon 2012, Pixar, silly, Star Wars, Up, wookiee
Live Date: 3/6/2012 | Last Modified: 2/21/2020