I did a painting of Swiftrunner, one of the werewolf characters from Dragon Age: Origins. I've been trying to get back into making new art, both original and some fun fanart stuff too! And I've very much been in a Dragon Age mood lately, so expect quite a bit of it.

This painting was done in Clip Studio Paint and I put a timelapse up on YouTube if you're so inclined. This YouTube channel is especially for Dragon Age, so come follow for shenanigans!

Digital painting done in Clip Studio Paint.

Categories: Artwork, By Subject, By Type, Digital Artwork, Fantasy, Horror/Dark
Tags: anthro wolf, digital, digital artist, digital artwork, digital painting, Dragon Age, fan art, fanart, fantasy game, lycanthrope, lycanthropy, monster, Swiftrunner, video game, werewolf, wolf
Live Date: 2/7/2023 | Last Modified: 12/11/2023