Dragon Fossil (Limited Edition)

Meet specimen #1324-AT! This little fellow is a fossilized drakeling, or miniature dragon, captured in time and forever preserved in stone. To be more precise, he's a cast resin replica of an original sculpture I did.

There will only ever be 25 casts made of this guy, after which the mold will be destroyed. Each of the casts has its number carved into the bottom right corner, along with my signature. The resin cast itself is 8" x 10".

Each casting is hand-painted, so no two will be exactly alike, as you can see in the photos below.

I was in love with paleontology from a very early age. Weren't all kids? Combine that with my lifelong fascination with dragons and, well, you get artwork like this guy.

More views (the first two pictures are of casting #4 and the last is #2):

Dragon fossil sculpture side view Dragon fossil sculpture bottom view Dragon fossil sculpture side view with frame

I only have these listed on Etsy when I've got the next edition number painted and ready to go. If I have any of them available at the moment, they will be at this link: Dragon Skeleton Fossil Limited Edition

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Live Date: 8/26/2013 | Last Modified: 8/26/2013