Dragon Hatchling Sculpture - Brown and Grey

This little dragon was sculpted in polymer clay with texture painting done in acrylic.

He's got lovely big brass-colored spines and horns. Like the turquoise and green one, he has small glass marbles for eyes, which reflect bright yellow when they catch the light. His egg is a hollow gourd shell painted with multiple layers of acrylic, giving it a stony grey effect - with the very slightest hint of turquoise. His egg sits on a bed of small rocks and sand, on a square wooden base.

This hatchling was adopted at LepreCon 2012 on 4/7/2012!

Dragon Hatchling Sculpture - Brown and Grey, Back View Dragon Hatchling Sculpture - Brown and Grey

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Tags: baby, brown, cute, dragon, egg, gourd, grey, handmade, hatchling, mixed media, OOAK, polymer clay, rocks, sand, sculpture, wood, wooden base
Live Date: 4/4/2012 | Last Modified: 4/4/2012