Dragon Hatchling Sculpture – Dark Green

This little one got all the attention (and ended up selling) at Phoenix Comicon. S'pose that means I should make more lovely black dragons! He also nearly didn't make it.

He was originally going to be in a lovely green ceramic egg, but I didn't notice the egg had a small fracture on the inside of it. When I poured the resin, it got into the crack... and resin heats and expands - just a bit - as it cures. Long story short... small fractures in a piece of ceramic can get wildly out of hand.

Luckily, it was just the first layer of resin and I was able to free the sculpture from the remnants of the egg. I had this gourd handy, and he fit it quite nicely!

The dragon is polymer clay with some of the painting effects being done in acrylic. His eyes are glass cabochons with colored polymer clay behind them for the green eye color and slitted pupil. The base is wood, rock, and a bit of moss.

This hatchling was adopted at Phoenix Comicon 2012 on 5/25/2012!

Dragon Hatchling Sculpture – Dark Green, Back View Dragon Hatchling Sculpture – Dark Green, Top View

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