Griffon Wall Plaques

This is a pair of casting finishes I did from a mold of my new sculpture. If the overall design seems familiar, it's a larger, more detailed version of the one I created for my little acrylic griffon charms (no longer available).

The original sculpture was done in oil-based clay - specifically, Monster Clay, one of my favorite mediums to work.

A sculpted griffon wall plaque in clay with detailed feathers.

I molded the clay sculpture in silicone and cast it in resin to make both blanks and handpainted wall plaques in a number of different finishes!

Categories: Artwork, By Subject, By Type, Fantasy, Traditional Art/Sculpture
Tags: cast, creature resin, fantasy, Greek, griffin, griffon, gryphon, myth, mythological, mythology, painted, plaque, sculpture, wall hanging
Live Date: 9/11/2014 | Last Modified: 9/26/2023