Hands: A Drawing Tutorial (Video)

This tutorial is all about drawing hands! Hands are complex objects, but they can be broken down into simple shapes. In this video, I'll show you step-by-step how I draw hands, from a blocky blueprint all the way to the final drawing. I'll also give plenty of tips and tricks for how to get better at drawing hands.

I'm using the art program Clip Studio Paint, but you can use any drawing program you want, or pencil and paper. There's just one section near the end where I talk about a tip specifically for CSP.

Head over to my page on Clip Studio Tips if you prefer a text version of this tutorial!

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Tags: anatomy, art tutorial, drawing, hand, hands, how to draw, human hand, sketching, tutorial
Live Date: 7/26/2023 | Last Modified: 10/28/2023