How I Draw Anthros, Hybrids, and Monsters (Video)

This one's a little different! In this video, I talk about how I conceptualize and draw anthropomorphic creatures, characters, and monsters. An anthro character is a hybrid of human and something else - usually another animal, though it can also be a plant, machine, or literally anything you can imagine. I hadn't done an art tutorial in a while and figured this would be fun to explore!

That said, it's not a step-by-step how to draw sort of video. I'm mostly discussing my thought process with some examples. I hope it's helpful, entertaining, or perhaps even both.

I use the art program Clip Studio Paint for my digital artwork, but you can use any drawing program you want, or pencil and paper.

Head over to my page on Clip Studio Tips if you prefer a text version of this tutorial!

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Live Date: 3/30/2024 | Last Modified: 3/30/2024