Setting Up a Sketch Layer & More: Clip Studio Paint Tutorial (Video)

This tutorial covers how I set up sketching layers in the art program Clip Studio Paint, as well as some other tips about the Layer Color and Sub Color feature of layers. I'll also show a timelapse of my digital "sketching" and lineart process on a picture of a hippocampus, a mythological sea horse!

Other tips I'll go over include how to set a default layer color, how the layer sub color works, different ways to enable and disable them, how layer colors work on folders, and a quick example using layer colors to make a grayscale or sepia tone image.

Head over to my page on Clip Studio Tips if you prefer a text version of this tutorial!

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Tags: Clip Studio Paint, colors, CSP, digital art, grayscale, greyscale, hippocampus, layer color, layers, seahorse, sepia tone, sketch, sketch layer, sketching, sub color, tutorial
Live Date: 8/11/2023 | Last Modified: 10/28/2023