Manticore - Art Nouveau Series

The Manticore is the second in a series of art nouveau fantasy creature coloring pages I'm working on!

If you like it, you can download it as both a printable PDF and a transparent PNG via my Patreon shop, and all patrons at the Comet Tier or higher can download all coloring page for free.

Please be aware I do not grant permission to color this line art unless you have purchased the coloring page or received it via my Patreon! Thank you. :)

Artwork done in Clip Studio Paint.

Categories: Artwork, By Subject, By Type, Digital Artwork, Fantasy
Tags: art nouveau, black and white, bone, bones, fantasy, lion, manticore, monster, myth, mythical, mythology, scorpion, skull, skulls, spikes, spines, sting, tail, teeth
Live Date: 12/9/2023 | Last Modified: 12/9/2023