Tali'Zorah Unmasked

"You've heard me say, 'Keelah sel'ai'? The best translation I can come up with is, 'By the homeworld I hope to see someday'." -Tali'Zorah vas Normandy

Choosing to create fanart of a character with about a billion swirling patterns on her outfit... not one of my saner decisions. But I promised a Tali painting next, so here she is. :) This was a great piece to practice on. I found Rannoch to be an incredibly beautiful place, and knew I had to paint her here.

As to her being unmasked, well... I based her look off of what you can see behind her faceplate, as well as off of the two official quarian teasers we've gotten from Bioware (the photo for a romanced male Shep, and the still from the EC), while still making her look a little less human. I imagine quarians look roughly as human as drell do - mostly, but with distinct differences. I did not base her look on any fan-made renditions of how quarians look - in fact, while I was working on this piece, I deliberately avoided quarian fanart so I could render her my own way. Very fun indeed!

Keelah sel'ai!

Digital painting done in Photoshop.

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Live Date: 7/18/2012 | Last Modified: 12/1/2023