Turian and Cockatoo

Excuse to practice drawing turians? Check.

Excuse to draw a lovely umbrella cockatoo? Check.

Excuse to make silly random jokes at the expense of my poor multiplayer character? Check!

The turian is Temis, and when I say he's my multiplayer character, what I actually mean is he's the character who dies a lot when my husband and I attempt to duo the multiplayer part of ME3 which is supposed to be for 4 people. But as we're more comfortable duoing... well, we die a lot. Heh. Poor Temis.

Turians get called 'avian' a lot, especially in the ME novels. I can kind of see it, though they definitely resemble birdlike dinosaurs far more than modern birds. Still, I couldn't resist the cockatoo thing, with the crest and all. There is some resemblance! Well, that and I'm convinced umbrella cockatoos automatically adore everyone and everything in the galaxy, so meeting an alien wouldn't be a problem.

Digital comic done in Photoshop.

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Live Date: 7/30/2012 | Last Modified: 12/9/2023