Urdnot Wrex

To paraphrase my favorite shuttle pilot, when an 800 pound krogan demands you paint him, you do it! This is a digital illustration of Urdnot Wrex, one of the toughest and most ornery krogan you'll meet - and that's saying something! A squadmate in the first Mass Effect game, he also puts in an appearance as the leader of Clan Urdnot in the second and third game (provided nothing unfortunate happens on Virmire!)

While Wrex favors a shotgun, I imagine he occasionally just likes to have some fun tearing up husks with his bare hands. That's how krogan have fun, after all.

(I actually did this one several years ago, but for some reason never put it up here until now! Sorry, Wrex... please don't hurt me!)

Digital painting done in Photoshop.

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Live Date: 12/1/2023 | Last Modified: 12/1/2023