Orange Blossom Drakeling

This tiny green drakeling is wonderfully camouflaged for skittering among the branches of orange trees and sipping on the sweet juice of the fruits.

This image was done as our exclusive for WonderCon 2012, in a series that included 50 signed and hand-numbered 11" x 17" prints. The idea was to feature in each exclusive a dragon indigenous to the area where the convention was being held. In this case, WonderCon took place in Anaheim, CA - currently home to a rather famous theme park. As you may or may not know, the whole area used to be covered in orange orchards - thus this little drakeling's home. Not to worry, though... as the orange groves were cleared out, most of them moved on - but I hear a few of them still hang around to help clean up after tourists.

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Tags: Anaheim, California, convention exclusive, cute, digital, dragon, drakeling, fruit, green, grove, leaf, leaves, mythology, orange, small, tiny, tree, WonderCon 2012
Live Date: 1/20/2012 | Last Modified: 2/21/2020