Shark-tooth Wand

I really like this wand! It's a very solid piece of work.

Like the Fanged Wand, it is polymer clay sculpted over a metal core to keep it sturdy, detailed to look like wood grain, and then enhanced with acrylic paint.

This one features a set of five real fossilized shark teeth decorating the top of the handle, as well as a real quartz crystal at the base. The hilt is wrapped in leather, making it quite nice to hold.

Shark-tooth Wand - Close-up of fossilized shark teeth embedded in the hilt Shark-tooth Wand - Close up of quartz crystal embedded at the base

Categories: Artwork, By Subject, By Type, Fantasy, Traditional Art/Sculpture
Tags: costume, fantasy, fossil shark teeth, handmade, leather, magic, OOAK, polymer clay, prop, quartz crystal, sculpture, wand, wizard
Live Date: 11/2/2012 | Last Modified: 11/2/2012