Small Skull Sculpture

This realistic miniature skull is sculpted to approximately 1/5th the scale of an actual human skull.

I sculpted the original from oil-based clay, made a mold of that in silicone, and cast it in urethane resin.

Sculpting the mini skull

The original skull I sculpted was a full skull, including the whole head and lower jaw. I later decided it would be fun to re-mold just the front portion of the skull so it could be used as a decorative piece. I've made some of them into magnets.

Small skull magnet painted like granite stone Small skull painted to resemble bone

I have full skulls and magnets like these available in the shop as blanks you can paint yourself, and sometimes painted skulls and magnets as well.

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Tags: bone, human, mini, miniature, one fifth scale, realistic, skeleton, skull, small, tiny
Live Date: 12/29/2015 | Last Modified: 12/28/2015