Spiny Desert Drake

Meet the spiny desert drake, the aptly named dragon native to the Arizona desert. This continues my trend of creating draconic species indigenous to the location of the convention where their print is being sold as an exclusive.

This beautiful fellow was sold only at Phoenix Comicon 2012. We had 100 11" x 17" copies, all signed and hand-numbered, and we sold every last one! It was great - he was very well received.

He's patterned after a number of local desert dwellers. His spiky scales are reminiscent of horned toads, his patterning like that of many of our lizards and snakes. He perches lightly atop a saguaro cactus arm, like many hawks here do while hunting. He has the mischievous fearlessness of a coyote, and the curiosity and territorial instincts of a cactus wren.

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Live Date: 1/26/2012 | Last Modified: 1/25/2012