Tutorial: Text Tool Basics in Clip Studio Paint (Video)

This is the first of a set of 3 tutorials I'm doing on the Text tool in Clip Studio Paint. It was originally going to be one video, but there was quite a bit to talk about. So I decided to split it up!

This first one focuses on the basics. The second and third will be up very soon, and dive into advanced tips and tricks, as well as some features more commonly used for non-English languages. Especially Japanese, seeing as CSP is a product of Japan!

The text-based version of this tutorial, which covers all three videos, is now up on Clip Studio Tips:

Text Tool - From Basics to Advanced Features - Clip Studio Paint Tutorial

Here's a playlist with all of my Text tool videos:

Text Tool Video Playlist (YouTube)

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Live Date: 6/23/2023 | Last Modified: 10/28/2023