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New Sculpture: Round Dragon Fossil

Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson | Jan 21st, 2017

Specimen 1612-AL - Drakeling Fossil by Sarrah Wilkinson - A resin cast fossil of a miniature dragon, specimen 1612-AL. The original was hand sculpted and each bone is three dimensional, and each piece is hand painted.

This is a round wall hanging of a miniature dragon fossil (I call them "drakelings"). I sculpted the original piece in clay, molded it and cast it in resin. Each finished piece is hand painted by myself and is available from my Etsy art shop.

New Mask - Stylized Wolf

Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson | Jan 3rd, 2017

The final resin blank for my wolf mask.

I just finished a new resin mask, a stylized wolf from my own original sculpture and design. I've been wanting to do a wolf in a similar style to my cat, owl, and dragon for a while!

You can read more about this piece over on the Stylized Wolf Mask build page, and blank casts are available on Etsy - with the option of teeth if you feel like being exceptionally snarly!

New Button and Vinyl Designs

Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson | Dec 27th, 2016

New items added to the site and store, a bunch of new buttons featuring creepy critters and skulls, as well as a new I Love Cats design in both a pinback button and vinyl decal.

The rat, scorpion, and Halloween cat are pinback button designs I've been bringing to shows for a little while, but hadn't gotten uploaded to the store! The skulls and "I Love Cats" design are brand new. I just had to turn "I Love Cats" into a vinyl decal too!

Buttons (also available as magnets or keychains)

Vinyl Decal (great for car windows or laptop decor)

New Mask: Bone Cat Skull

Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson | Dec 8th, 2016

One of my big cat skull resin masks, hand-painted to resemble yellowed bone, with mesh over the eye and nose holes to disguise the wearer.

I painted one of my big cat skull masks to resemble yellowed bone, complete with black eye and nose mesh to disguise the wearer. I love this look for my skull masks, simple yet incredibly creepy and effective all at once!

This hand-painted mask is available in the shop, as well as unpainted big cat skull blanks if you'd like to try your hand at painting one!

New Mask: Silver Dragon

Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson | Nov 21st, 2016

A resin cast of my dragon half mask, hand painted to resemble aged silver or iron metal.

My husband, Robbie, really liked the copper dragon mask I painted a little while ago, and wanted to try out a similar paint job but in silver. It turned out beautiful, don't you think?

His lovely aged silver dragon mask is available in the shop. If you want to paint a mask of your own, we have dragon mask blanks available too!