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PHXCC 2016 Exclusive Print - Creatures of Flame

Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson | Apr 23rd, 2016

Creatures of Flame by Sarrah Wilkinson - A brightly colored phoenix and a dark red dragon intertwined in a stylized dance with flames in the background. This is my exclusive print for Phoenix Comicon 2016. My exclusive print for Phoenix Comicon 2016, Creatures of Flame, has been approved, so we'll have these lovelies available at booth #785 at this year's show! This is a limited run of 65 prints, each one signed and numbered by hand. The prints are 11" x 17" and will be available for $20 each during the show.

Wolf Skull Mask Blanks

Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson | Feb 23rd, 2016

A blank resin casting of the wolf skull mask, showing the mask being worn like a headdress.

Here's Robbie showing off one way to wear my newest creation, a wolf skull half-mask! It can also be worn as a face mask, of course, or even used more creatively as an armor piece. Casts are available over in the Etsy store, or you can see a bit of the build progress on the Wolf Skull Mask page.

Horned Skull

Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson | Feb 6th, 2016

Me wearing the horned half skull and looking a bit mischievous.

I took one of my resin-cast half skull masks and combined it with a pair of horns to create this monstrous beast! This horned half skull mask is available in the Etsy shop and would make a great addition to your average evil sorcerer's wardrobe.

I'm a kitty!

Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson | Feb 4th, 2016

Me wearing the calico cat half mask and acting cute and silly.

I think calico suits me! This is a new mask we just finished, one of the brand new resin cats all painted up in black, white, and orange. The calico cat mask is available via the Etsy store.

I also made my design for this mask available in sets of downloadable, printable paper party masks!

Painted Half Skull Masks

Posted by Sarrah Wilkinson | Jan 28th, 2016

A pair of finished half-skull resin masks, one done in camouflage stripes of brown and green, the other in dark red with a golden, tribal flame design.

We just finished up a pair of half skull masks which are now up for sale on Etsy. Mine is the weathered dark red one with the tribal, golden flame design. Robbie painted his in military or hunter-style camouflage stripes of green and brown.